Friday, February 20, 2009

Israel backs expulsion of Bishop Williamson

 Respaldo de Israel a la expulsión del obispo que negó el Holocausto - 

Israel backs the expulsion of the bishop who denied the Holocaust

An official of the Israeli Embassy, Ben Zvi Alexander, said on Radio 10 that the government's decision to expel the prelate Richard Williamson from Argentina "reflects a feeling that we all have"

Responsible for the Southern Cone of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Alexander Ben Zvi, supported the government's decision that the SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson, who denied the Holocaust, should leave Argentina in a period of 10 days.

In an interview with the daily morning program on Radio 10, the diplomat said that "this step reflects a feeling that we all have", which was a clear endorsement of the official determination. "In the logical world, a person cannot deny obvious things," he added.

Ben Zvi considered that "this denial created unnecessary tension between the Church and the Jewish people." On the Pope's position, the diplomat was highly critical of Benedict XVI: "He (Williamson) said it would study the issue, but he did not want to go to study the issue." The Pope asked that Williamson retract, but he refused.

Worth remembering that the Vatican revoked the excommunication of the holocaust denying Richard Williamson and in recent months, the SSPX bishop lead a seminary in a community near Luján, Buenos Aires province. But he must leave the country before the end of next week.

The official also told Radio 10: "I work as a diplomat and have visited almost every concentration camp. In Majdanek are still piles of ashes. Everything is there. No one can deny it. Stupid is a mild word," he said later.

So finally Ben Zvi advised "all those who say this is an invention," that " should go to Poland and Germany, and talk to people."
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