Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bishop Williamson to be expelled from Argentina


Short deadline for Richard Williamson, Holocaust denier and bishop of the arch-conservative SSPX. He has ten days to leave Argentina or he will be ejected.

Now on BBC

Inner Minister Florencio Randazzo has given as the basis the denial of the Shoah by Williamson. By this he had insulted„the Argentinians, the Jewish people and the whole of humanity. Besides this there were irregularities in his residence papers.

No comment from the SSPX in Argentina.

The two main Jewish organisations are celebrating saying that it is intolerable for Williamson to be resident in a country which participates in the International Task Force for the Investigation of the Shoah.

And Bishop Williamson has been declared today persona non-grata by the regional assembly at the instigation of a deputy Damian Cardoso, who said,

"This initiative reinforces the commitment we took on when appointed Ambassador of Peace in the Global Leaders Summit International which occurred in July 2008 in Asunción, Paraguay." 
Finally, the legislator, a native of Morón concluded that his duty as a public official is "to sensitize people about the importance of living in peace and tolerance, giving priority to the respect of traditions, cultures and memory. "

And worse still if Bishop Williamson comes back to the UK, there is a chance that the German authorities could seek his extradition as they have done in at least one other case. 

And from La Nacion

The Interior Minister said "Richard Nelson Williamson is ordered to leave the country within the time limit of ten days on pain of his expulsion being compelled." 

The decree stresses that the bishop who denied that the Holocaust has repeatedly forged the real reason for his stay in the country as he claims to be a clerk of the Civil Association "Tradition", when in fact his real business was the Director of the Lefebvrist Priestly  Seminary that the Fraternity of St. Pius X has in the town of Moreno.

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