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The Archdiocese of Vienna gives a home-grown firework display of scandals


Cathcon translation of
Der Erzdiözese Wien steht ein Feuerwerk von Skandalen ins Haus

A blasphemer whose abuse triggered a global scandal has obtained an artistic commission from Christoph Cardinal Schönborn. A scandalous interview with somebody who will never learn.

The Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn, has commissioned a Hrdlicka work for St. Stephen's Cathedral.

The priest of the Vienna Cathedral Parish, the Right Revd Toni Faber, defended in an interview with the Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse the scandalous exhibition by Alfred Hrdlicka (80) in the Cathedral Museum in Vienna.

Hrdlicka is a pornographer, painter and sculptor. He works also as a board member of the Society for the Promotion of Relations with the Korean Democratic People's Republic .

In the Austrian National elections in 1999, he was top of the list in Carinthia for the Austrian Communist Party. Hrdlicka describes himself as a Stalinist.
The Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin († 1953) was after the Chinese dictator Mao Zedong († 1976) the biggest mass murderer of all time.

Not for the first time since his abuses in the Vienna Diocesan Museum is it clear that the blasphemer, Hrdlicka is being given protective covering by the Vienna Diocesan leadership.

Cathedral Priest Faber strives not to hide anything, and immediately announces to 'Die Presse' the next scandal.

The - unsuccessful - protests against the Vienna blasphemy scandal, according to Father Faber, led to "us visiting Hrdlicka with the Cardinal and that he, the greatest contemporary Austrian sculptor, asked to be commissioned to create a work showing the Blessed Sister Restituta "

Sister Maria Restituta Kafka († 1943) was murdered because of her resistance to the godless National Socialist regime.

Currently negotiations are underway on where the commissioned work is to be placed - "in the cathedral or, somewhat disappointingly in the environs of the cathedral."

Even the blasphemer was surprised
That Hrdlicka the Blasphemer was "agrieved" because one of his blasphemies was removed, was denied by Father Faber:

"He was surprised himself that there was not already anger and I tried in my opening speech to give a context to this provocation, this blasphemous presentation."

The Hrdlicka representation of the holy Franciscan nun Restituta will also show a quote from a Communist who was beheaded with her by the National Socialists.

If the communists had ever come to power, they would have done everything to eradicate the Austrian church to its roots.

Father Faber went further, " Hrdlicka pronounces always so proudly and provocatively: I am a Stalinist, I am a communist. By the same entitlement to provocation, I could say: For me, Hrdlicka is, of course, a Christian. "

Although Hrdlicka is "not strictly Catholic," being Old Catholic, a third of his work is connected with religious issues - claims the Cathedral Parish Priest:

"He may not have a strictly Christian life -but who does?"
According to a statement, Hrdlicka is an atheist.

Hoping for new scandal
Father Faber would never place Hrdlicka’s parody of the Last Supper in a church: "But in the exhibition, there were forty works of Hrdlicka from his great portfolio – all of the forty dealing with religious topics."

The Cathedral Parish Priest believes the Cathedral Museum to be a perfectly good place for the provocation.

He admits in the interview that the Director of the Cathedral Museum, Bernhard Boehler was "very encouraged" by the scandalous action. "These are small steps, I hope others will follow."

Cardinal Schönborn had only asked the museum director and his Cathedral Parish Priest according to Father Faber if they had not noticed that this was all "too much":

"We entered into a very serious conversation with him and had him almost convinced but I must accept gnashing my teeth that for him, as someone who must be Archbishop for the whole community, does not ultimately get involved in the question of whether
[the image is allowed to be hung]."

The Cardinal cries out for money
In the interview, Father Faber also speaks against the "agressive protests" against the blasphemy in the Cathedral Museum.

Museum Director Boehler received each day from 300 to 400 e-mails in protest.
The conservative Americans had unmasked the Viennese church dignitary as a "porn cardinal" and because of the scandal ceased their happiness to give.

Apparently, the Theological Institute in the Lower Austrian Town of Gaming, which enjoys the patronage of Cardinal Schönborn has lost donations from the USA according to Father Faber

The loss of money has caused the Cardinal, according to Father Faber "much grief".

Flat on the belly
Father Faber admits in the interview his personal devotion to Hrdlicka.

When he was asked to give the opening speech of a sculpture exhibition in Vienna's Albertina Platz, the priest was, according to his own statement, "flat on the belly” with joy.

'Die Presse' journalist returned that he did what most of your colleagues "probably would not do”.

Father Faber “in Pluralis majestatis”: "I am completely enthusiastic that we have such a great artist as Alfred Hrdlicka as a dialogue partner. The Cathedral Priest explains that he has admired the blasphemer since his years of study.

His sculptures in titanium were "very impressive": "When I regard the Crucified servant of God, then I am raised up by Hrdlicka, because I know this trail of human suffering is not without meaning."

Hermann Nitsch is the better priest
At the end of the interview the Cathedral Priest gives warning of yet another scandal.

Next year will Father Faber will allow into a small gallery in the anteroom of the parish office a so called “performance artist”: "We hope that Hermann Nitsch will open the exhibition for us." {Cathcon- a modern artist who proclaims himself "the blood orgy master")

Father Faber also raves about the blasphemer Nitsch: "I know how deeply he can understand the religious, the Christian sacrifice of the Eucharist."

"If the monstrance and a slaughtered lamb are exhibited altogether, it is exactly what I every day say and do at the Mass: Behold the Lamb of God" – said the Cathedral Priest deliriously.

He even claimed that "Nitsch, understands Christian sacrifice much more than so many Catholic contemporaries I generally hear talking."

The Six Day Blood Orgy of Mr Nitsch-emphatically do not click if you are sensitive- but this is the vileness promoted on the Cardinal's watch.

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