Friday, February 15, 2008

No Conversion Strategy

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Cathcon translation of Keine Bekehrungs-Strategie

The President of the Pontifical Council for Culture defends the Good Friday intercession in the old Rite. Behind the recasting of the Latin text, there lies "no missionary strategy directed towards," writes Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi in an article in the "L` Osservatore Romano. " At the heart of the Christian hope is Jesus, and that's why the church prays, at the end of time, if they are to share Jesus, "the faithful of Israel" will be found at their side. That was "the Christian vision", but not a "program" for the "conversion" of the Jews. The Good Friday intercession for the Jews can be found in the Missal of the old form of the Catholic Rite, it was recently reworded by Pope Benedict, alluding to a quote from St Paul.

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