Monday, February 18, 2008

Gay blessings? Simple cynicism in Vienna’s Cathedral

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Cathcon translation of Homo-Segnungen? ein Zynismus.

In the church, it has become customary to bury Catholic doctrine by fabricating reality. Thus sodomy remains only on paper a blatant sin.

Tonight the Vienna Cathedral Parish of St. Stephen – organised under the eyes of the local archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn - a so-called "God's service for lovers".

According to the daily newspaper 'Die Presse' - as in previous years – gay couples can receive blessings. The newspaper speaks of a blessing that is "controversial within the Church".

In recent years, Cathedral Priest Anton Faber has celebrated the liturgy. This year he was accompanying a group of pilgrims in the Holy Land.

Therefore, the clergy were represented by the Custos of the Vienna Franciscans, Father Gottried Wegleitner represented.

Dompfarrer Faber has in recent years indicated that the blessing services were an "overwhelmingly positive experience" with, as he told the Catholic news agency 'kathpress'.

The yearning of people for love and security, said the Cathedral Parish Priest was a way of searching for God.

According to the website '' couples, lovers and fiancées are invited. Even individuals from whom their "partners" are separated or have yet to be found, can receive the blessing.

This year's preside at the service, Father Wegleitner, said that it meant to proclaim the love of God to people.

The Father spoke about "homo blessings." This formulation the Franciscan feels - without providing an explanation – to be a "cynicism".

In recent years, three-quarters of the couples blessed were married. But he would "not beat up on anyone" -said the Franciscan.

The so-called "blessing services for loving people" on Valentine's Day have spread for several years throughout the German-speaking world.

A similar events will be held in the Cathedral Church of St Martin and numerous parishes in Eisenstadt (Cathcon- a stone's throw from Vienna)

The experience of recent years shows that these blessing services also serve to give an ecclesiastical rubber stamp to homosexual ideology.

In the Diocese of Linz, they gave out bonbons at the notorious Church of the Ursuline, where they have been known to let protestants preach against Catholicism and erect a shrine to Judas.

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