Monday, November 13, 2006

The post-Conciliar era has passed away

It reached its logical conclusion on a cold, windswept housing estate in Austria a few days ago. Shed no tears, do not mourn, look to the future.

One of the readings or maybe the bidding prayers.
O Lord, what are we doing here?
Breaking of the loaf.

Communion of the altar girls

Where did you get that hat?

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion and Extraodinary Means of Communion

The Last Guitar

The hat still did not come off in Church.

One day she will grow up to be a stealth priestess and get to lecture on the Bible


Alexander said...

Hm? What do you mean it has died? 40 years?

John Paul Sonnen said...

Poor Benedict has to deal with all this liturgical "mutany." No wonder with all these wierd clergy on "strike" it's taken so long for the so-called "universal indult."

Gregg said...

Though surely this was not the intention, it looks like the person wearing the hat in Church is a girl, which means she's wearing a headcovering!

The Crescat said...

ummm... what is the purpose of that stick? Is it to beat you with if you try to kneel?

Look at the third pic from the bottom... the stick is behind the priests head and makes it looks like he has horns. Hmmmm.