Monday, October 02, 2006

Stealth priestess- RED ALERT

A new pastoral assistant has been inducted into the notoroious parish of St Francis, Wels, Austria.

Rainbow colours were the order of the day.
Indeed, it was a real love-in.

The ceremony took place under the sign of the twig.

The view towards the congregation.

In fact, the new pastoral assistant could be called an inside-out-priestess, wearing liturgical colours under a strange white garment.

Ribbons of every colour in a strange ritual around an extinguished candle - even the Mayor was there.

One could have mistaken the whole activity as a meeting of a sect.

Especially when the Church's deacon took to threatening those foolish enough to attend with a big twig.

Amazing that there was no Spanish dancing. See earlier report on Liturgical Chaos. Report soon on how the new Bishop tried to buy off criticism by ordaining a priest in the Latin Rite.

See also Extreme Liturgical Abuse

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