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Background:  The record of Pope Francis in Argentina

Cathcon: Instead of Synoding, which is in itself is a displacement and concealment mechanism, the Pope would be better putting together a statement of what he knew and when, doing penance and taking the consequences for his lack of action.

Update of cases from October 2022 below with some sentences added.  The map is useful but by no means complete

The names of the 128 members of the Argentine Catholic Church involved in allegations of sexual abuse

After months of investigation, elDiarioAR publishes the cases known during the last 20 years, after the case of Julio César Grassi on October 23, 2002 acted as a trigger for the complaints. Of that total, only 31 received a judicial sentence and 28 were expelled from the priesthood, the maximum ecclesiastical penalty for a priest.

— A murder, a suicide, unsolved crimes, when abuse has no limits

— The Church and abuses: A history of more than 60 years with fruitless measures



In 20 years, 128 priests, religious and nuns were involved in cases of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church of Argentina.

In 20 years, 128 priests, religious and nuns were involved in cases of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church of Argentina. Josh Applegate for Unsplash

Mariana García / María Alicia Alvado

In the last 20 years, since the complaints against the priest Julio César Grassi were broadcast on television, 128 members of the Argentine Catholic Church were involved in cases of sexual abuse, from Archbishop Edgardo Gabriel Storni or Bishop Gustavo Óscar Zanchetta, to altar boys and nuns. It's just a sample.

In Argentina there are no official data. What appears here are the names that elDiarioAR managed to collect based on its own sources, data provided by associations that survived ecclesiastical abuse and information that appears in the media.

Along with the name, it is mentioned who had a conviction and who received expulsion from the clerical state, the maximum penalty that a priest can receive within the Catholic Church.

Tulio Matiussi - Sentenced to 15 years

Eduardo Raúl López Márquez

Pablo Batallan

Moisés Pachado

Juan de Dios Gutiérrez - Sentenced to 12 years

Renato Rasguido

Maximiliano Di Virgilio

Fernando Paez

Hugo Pernini - Sentenced to 12 years

Gustavo Zanchetta - Sentenced to 4 years

Agustín Rosa Torino - Sentenced to 12 years - EXPELLED

Rubén Agustín Rosa Torino, sentenced on July 8, 2021 to 12 years in prison for the priest for seriously outrageous aggravated sexual abuse, to the detriment of two victims, and simple sexual abuse to the detriment of a third. Telam

Luis Alberto Brizzio

Walter Eduardo Avanzini

Daniel Gimenez

Hector Ricardo Gimenez

Julieta La Plata, a member of the Network of Survivors of Ecclesiastical Abuse, has been demanding since 2013 that her case be reopened against Héctor Ricardo Giménez, whom she accuses of having abused her when she was a child. The priest lives confined in a nursing home, located six blocks from the Archbishopric of La Plata. Eva Cabrera/Telam

Isaac Gómez - Sentenced to 11 years

Justo José Ilarraz - Sentenced to 25 years

Justo José Ilarraz, sentenced to 25 years in prison for the abuse and corruption of 7 minors between 10 and 14 years old, in Paraná. He is still a priest. Hernán Saravia / Télam

Jorge Luis Morello

José Antonio Mercau - Sentenced to 14 years - EXPELLED

Reynaldo Narvais

Domingo Pacheco - Sentenced to 13 years

Ruben Pardo

Martín Paz - Without judicial conviction - EXPELLED

Luis Gabriel Pezzolo - Sentenced to 11 years - EXPELLED

Fernando Enrique Picciochi - Sentenced to 12 years

Carlos Robledo

Ladislao Chomyn - Sentenced to 4 years - EXPELLED

Atilio Jesus Garay

Horacio Corbacho - Sentenced to 45 years

Horacio Corbacho sentenced to 45 years for abuse of deaf children at the Provolo Institute in Mendoza. He did not receive any sanction from the Church.

Nicola Corradi - Sentenced to 42 years

Kumiko Kosaka

Giovanni Granuzzo

Albano Mattioli

Victims of abuse at the Provolo Institute in Mendoza after learning of the ruling that sentenced Horacio Corbacho and Nicola Corradi to 45 and 42 years in prison. Luigi Spinelli, the third accused priest, died in 2016 as soon as the investigation began. Delfi Rodriguez / Argentine News

Luigi Spinelli

Viviana Fleitas

Luis Sabarre

Miguel Ángel Santurio - EXPELLED

Mario Napoleon Sasso - Sentenced to 17 years

“Father Seryo”

Luis Lenzi

Juan José Urrutia - Sentenced to 8 years

Luis Eduardo Sierra - Sentenced to 8 years - EXPELLED

Mario Koessler - Sentenced to 3 years suspended

Angel Duples

Carlos Raúl Altamirano - Sentenced to 12 years - EXPELLED

Néstor Monzón - Sentenced to 16 years - EXPELLED

Luis Bergliaffa

Walter Bustos

Carlos Eduardo José

Carlos Bareuther

Finnlugh Mac Conastair (father Alfred)

Nicolás Parma (father Felipe) - Sentenced to 17 years - EXPELLED

Hubeimar Rua

Emilio Lamas - EXPELLED

Eduardo Lorenzo

Priest Eduardo Lorenzo, accused of sexual abuse, committed suicide at the Cáritas de La Plata headquarters in December 2019, after the prosecutor requested his arrest. He was accused of the abuse of five boys between 13 and 15 years old. Argentine News

Jorge Bordón - Sentenced to 11 years

Edgardo Gabriel Storni

Aníbal Valenzuela - EXPELLED

Richard Suttle

Cristian Vazquez - Sentenced to 11 years - EXPELLED

Daniel Omar Acevedo - Sentenced to 3 years suspended - EXPELLED

Carlos Urrutigoity

Cristian Gramlich - EXPELLED

Marcelino Moya

Eliseo Pirmati

Maria Alicia Pacheco

Alessandro De Rossi

Felix Alejandro Martinez

Juan Diego Escobar Gaviria - Sentenced to 25 years

Alejandro Squizziatto

Carlos Richard Ibáñez Morino

Raul Del Castillo

Carlos Alberto Dorado

Carlos Miguel Buela

Fernando Yañez - EXPELLED

Julian Ruiz

Fabian Reimer - EXPELLED

Luxorio Ruiz Bilbao

Oscar Portillo

Diego Roqué

Walter Maggiolo

Asuncion Martinez

Julio César Grassi - Sentenced to 15 years

Julio César Grassi, sentenced on October 23, 2002 to 15 years in prison. The ruling is ratified by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. He continues to be a priest. Alejandro Amdan/Telam

Alfredo Soiza-Piñeyro - EXPELLED

Héctor Pinamonti - EXPELLED

Julio César Aguirre - EXPELLED

Hector Chuchietti

José Decuyper

Cesar Fretes

José Luis Serre - EXPELLED

Alfredo Nicola

Nestor Aramayo

José Carlos Aguilera - EXPELLED

Roberto Barco

Pablo Valdez

Horacio Chauque Perales

Jose Hazuda

Héctor Alfredo Cuñuel - Sentenced to 5 and 20 years

Raul Sidders

Manuel Pascual - EXPELLED

Jose Miguel Padilla

Ricardo Oscar Quiroga “Padre Coco” - EXPELLED

Abel Balbi

María Tellez Fajardo (Sister Marina)

Ruben Marchioni

Silvia Challú (“Sister Silvia”)

Miguel Angel Paz - EXPELLED

Mario Siderides

Carlos Alberto Maffini

Roberto Hamerler - EXPELLED

Mario Giuliano

Pedro Ortiz, “Brother Pedro”

Alberto Daniel Sardá

Sunday Otazo

Héctor Faustino Lezcano Pared - Sentenced to 24 years

Hector Faustino Pared, sentenced to 24 years in prison for the abuse of 13-year-old boys. He is still a priest. Argentine News  (Cathcon!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Peter Mukekhe Wafula - EXPELLED

Virginio Isotton

Guillermo León Pulgarín Acevedo

Friar Diego

Lucas Galván - Sentenced to 2 years - EXPELLED

Humberto Gonzalez

Abelardo Silva

Orlando Alberto Battagliola

Luis Ernesto Jaramillo Carvajal

Joseph Rohr

Leonardo Alberto Galván - Sentenced to 8 years

Vitalino Trecco - Sentenced to 4 years

Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa