Bishop tells Pope-critical Catholics to stay away but welcomes Imam

Pope-critical journalists create "confusion" among the faithful, finds the bishop of Modena. Therefore he does not want to see them at church events. And this also applies to other people.

In Modena, Italy, the bishop called on the faithful not to invite papal-critical journalists to churches and other Catholic institutions. When "seers, charismatics, journalists and intellectuals, who are in a subtle or open contradiction to the official church, and especially to Pope Francis," appear in church buildings, this creates "confusion" among the faithful, writes Archbishop Erio Castellucci in the current edition of his diocesan newspaper.

Freely expression of opinions is not in question, "but not on the stage of Catholic sites," Castellucci continued. The concrete reason for this statement remained unclear. The Italian daily "Il Resto del Carlino" speculated on Tuesday, possibly mystics, who were invited by local prayer groups.


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 His Excellency Rev. Msgr. Erio Castellucci, Archbishop-Metropolitan of Modena-Notantola after the opening ceremony of the Holy Door in the Cathedral before the celebration of the Mass, cordially posed with the delegation of the Muslim community of the Modena Mosque and Imam Idriss Bakari invited for the occasion. His Excellency and various emeritus Bishops concelebrated, His Excellency Rev. Mons. Giacomo Bernardini, Bishop Emeritus of Smirne (Turkey) and His Excellency RevMons. Ignazio Bedini, Bishop Emeritus of Ispahan for the Latins (Iran) currently "sede vacante" *** We have been looking for news on the net if, at the opening of the Holy Door in the Cathedral of Modena, there were also representatives and representatives of other religions operating in the Emilian capital: Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. We have also bee looking if representatives of other Christian confessions in the Emilia-Romagna capital were invited to the Holy Door ceremony.