Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Coldplay Mass- the ultimate liturgical nightmare


Today at the Jesuit University of Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla in San Andrés Cholula, called Ibero for short, a Coldplay Mass took place. Invitations were sent in the framework of the Ignatian university program was used.

This is a Holy Mass, celebrated by the Jesuit Lonja Xavier Cacho and the songs of the British pop-rock band Coldplay. The commercial music group, founded in London in 1996, has not yet been noticed for religious songs or a religious message.

Offence was caused by the announcement that a Holy Mass was to be called the "Misa Colplay" (Coldplay Mass) and that the music of a rock group should be the focus.

In an interview with the Irish daily The Irish Independent, Chris Martin had said about God:

"I always try to decipher what 'he' or 'she' is. I'm not sure what's right. I do not know if it is Allah or Jesus or Mohammed or Zeus, but I guess Zeus. "

The Jesuit university wrote in advance that this Mass would try to "adhere to every symbol of the liturgy and link it with current stimuli that connect with our everyday life". The songs of the group should be heard and tried to "reflect" and "deepen" these melodies at different moments of the Eucharistic celebration.

Father Font!

There have been heated discussions in the social networks, both inside and outside the university, over the past few days. Rector Fernando Fernández Font SJ was accused of promoting liturgical abuse with the "Misa Coldplay".

Likewise, the Jesuit leadership was encouraged to analyze the music of the British band if it was already part of a symposium or another event, but not as part of a Holy Mass.

Yesterday the Archbishopric of Puebla dissociated itself from the Jesuit University. Through Twitter, it announced that it did not organise or support the "Misa Coldplay". In a detailed statement, the Archbishop's liturgical commission warned of a "loss of meaning for the Eucharistic Sacrament," which could lead to seeing only "a gathering of goodwill" in the Holy Mass.

The chairman of the Liturgy Commission, Don Jacinto Gerardo Cruz Rojas, recalled that "the Eucharist is the greatest treasure of the Church which it has had since its origin." The Archbishopric demanded that the rules for liturgical music be complied with.

With almost 5,000 students, the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla belongs to the Sistema Universitario Jesuita, the network of the seven Jesuit Universities in Mexico and the unification of the 31 Jesuit Universities of Latin America.

Already last June, the rector of the Jesuit University of Mexico City (Ibero Ciudad), the Jesuit David Fernandez Davalos was noticed when he defended the pro-homosexual agenda of the Mexican left-wing government. P. Fernandez Davalos took part in the General Congregation in October 2016, who elected the Jesuit, Arturo Sosa Abascal, as the 31st General of the Order.

The Spanish columnist, Franciso Fernandez de la Cigoña, commented on the incident in San Andrés Cholula: "Another proof that a considerable part of the Jesuit order lives in general confusion."

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