Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cardinal Schönborn criticises Charlie Hebdo

Schönborn criticizes "vulgar caricatures"
The Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn had criticized the French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo", which in the past week has been the victim of a terrorist attack. 

"'Charlie Hebdo' did not hesitate, over many years, in addition to humorous and satirical cartoons of a political nature to present especially Christianity and Islam in contempt-making and vulgar caricatures," Schönborn wrote on Friday in his column in the free newspaper "Heute". 

In the context, the cardinal points to a "sad story of hate-filled cartoons" in Austria in the late 19th century. "I think of the hateful anti-Semitic caricatures," said the cardinal in his weekly "Heute" column. "This poisonous seed has sprouted and has contributed to the mass murder of the Jews. If there had been significant steps against this incitement, perhaps much suffering and terrible guilt would have been avoided." 

"Yardstick" of freedom for speech, the press and religion 

According to the Cardinal, there are limits to the freedom of expression, the press and religion. Namely "where it comes to respect for what to the other is sacred." At the same time, Schönborn designated cartoonists as a "barometer" of freedom of speech, the press and religion, calling those freedoms as "fundamental freedoms in a good and open society".
The attacks in Paris has emphasised again the value of these. Despite his judgment about the cartoons in the satirical magazine, nothing could justify "violence against 'Charlie Hebdo'"


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