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Priest says Linz diocese is a pigsty

"Pigsty": Father Wagner complains about Diocese 

Gerhard Maria Wagner,the parish priest prevented from becoming Auxilliary Bishop of Linz again makes criticism of his diocese on the publication of his book "Heaven or Hell".

The whole sorry tale of ecclesiastical cowardice which prevented Father Wagner becoming a bishop.

"In Linz to become a bishop, perhaps is a bit more difficult," says Wagner. The situation in Upper Austria is still very controversial and pulled in opposite directions, he said at a press conference on Friday.

Diocese of Linz on Cathcon

 He wished the successor of Bishop Ludwig Schwarz “all the best” - the diocese has recently released a shortlist of three candidates for the pffice - said Wagner. "It stinks," he said in response to an earlier statement that he had been trusted to "clean out this Austrian pigsty". The church is not on a good path, there are tensions, many people are disoriented. Wagner reported there are priests who are "suffering that we stop today basically being Catholic." 

 "Oligarch economy" 

 The parish priest of Windischgarsten (District of Kirchdorf) criticized the fact, among other things, that the Sacrament of Penance is dead in many parishes. Liturgies of the Word have got their own momentum whic really bothered him. He also does not understand the competition in the relationship of laity and clergy, says Wagner. "How is it that today priests are afraid of the parish council meeting? There is something not right there." But he had not yet had the impression that his opinion is much sought in Linz. Wagner stated the domestic dioceses are "already a bit of an oligarchic economy," many bishops stood alone there. 

 "I find it appalling that Father Wagner has used the dramatic word 'mess' for the whole Church in Austria," the Episcopal Vicar of Linz, Wilhelm Vieböck responded to the statements. This position does not exactly qualify for higher church offices and he disqualifies himself. All in the diocese endeavour to provide high-quality work, stressed Vieböck. 

 For the now published book, the author Norbert Blaichinger spent seven days by Wagner, the militant cleric takes on various topics position: When asked about Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst, he explains, for example, "at that time I felt ashamed for Austria". The practice of homosexuality was "seduction and grave sin". He knew quite a few people seeking help gays, the minister said in the press conference. He was pleased that the new Pope succeeded from the beginning in awakening across the whole world sympathy and trust, he is quoted as saying in the book. But "I see nothing of it, the churches are not fuller, people do not go to confession more and all that praise Pope Francis have not become more religious in recent times." 

 "Heaven or Hell - Seven Days with Dr. Gerhard Maria Wagner, pastor of Windischgarsten" edition innsalz; 338 pages, 19.80 €, ISBN 978-3-902981-38-7; 

 Provocations by Gerhard Maria Wagner 

 "I do not need this bishop's mitre." (About his short-term office as Bishop) 

 "I would have expected myself to clean out this mess." (On the Diocese of Linz) 

 "Do I have to like a Pope?" (About Pope Francis) 

 "For me, there's only a resounding no." (For an eventual EU membership for Turkey) 

 "I am totally disgusted by Hermann Nitsch and his 'smearings'. This is pure blasphemy." (About Nitsch and his mystery plays) 

 "They are blasphemies." (About Haderer cartoons) 

 When asked what he would say to Conchita Wurst: "Hello Mr. Neuwirth. And now I tell you honestly, at that time I felt ashamed for Austria."

 "I have not allowed myself to form judgment until today." (About Cardinal Groer‘s pedophilia)


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