Thursday, March 14, 2013

We have a Marian Pope

Much is written and what is true about the community life of the priest. But this Marian point is in the center, is the heart that brings together all aspects of the community.

Getting Mary into his home in the depths of his life, the priest-disciple, the image of the beloved disciple, focuses on community life in his person that synthesizes all that is the Church.

Mary harmonises all aspects of community life: the life of the Holy Family in Nazareth and the life of the apostolic community at Pentecost. The Marian seal allows moving from a small community to the larger community of the faithful without loss of intimacy or dispersion into a functionalist reductionism. In Mary everything is personal and communal in a dynamic in which each dimension is enriched by the other. In Mary's praise and service, they feed each other as we see happening in the Visitation. The unique and intimate relationship with her Son does not preclude a relationship of being a common disciple beside the other disciples. All we focus on her and she removes from the centre noise or competition.

In Mary harmonize all aspects of ecclesial soul: she is the daughter, wife, mother and friend. Grandma always young, mature woman always young .

Marianism is the criterion of discernment to evaluate the quality of emotional life, personal and communal, of the trainees. Mary opens all sealed so far to God alone. Maria wife and mother in her small family and in the heart of the Church universal wife and mother.

What would be the " no "that consolidates the Marian character of the community dimension? Obviously, a "no" to Mary out of a Catholic background is difficult for a priest or for someone to explicitly exclude Marian formation to your life. But an emphatically "no" can be expressed to that which makes Mary purely decorative, in some way. A no to all that is separate from her being in the center of priestly formation . The Marian character of the Church is what stresses fruitfully the Petrine character, preventing pharisaic attitudes and hardness of hearts. The Marian dimension gives substance to the spiritual dimension and ensures the pastoral dimension does not lose tenderness


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