Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Reform of Curia essential says Curial Archbishop, Cardinal

A reform of the Curia is essential, in the words of Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli. "That's one of the big issues," the President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, said on Wednesday the Italian station "Radio 1". "There is no denying that the work of the church headquarters must be overhauled."

Necessary structures should be reformed, so that the Church could respond better to the challenges of the time could. In recent days, several cardinals currently assembled in the Vatican in preparation for the conclave had launched a discussion of Curial reform.

"Vatileaks" is a topic for Cardinals

The "Vatileaks" affair, in the words of Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio (75) for the current in the Vatican cardinals gathered an important issue. "It is normal for the Cardinals, who had traveled especially, want to know more," the President of the Pontifical Council for Migrants said Wednesday to Radio1. The Italian , who like all the cardinals is under an oath of secrecy, did not give more specific details.

According to him, the future Pope should be especially strong in faith and example. He should be under 80 years old, "and it would be better if he is in good health," said Veglio. One of the major challenges in his view include above all is to witness to and spread the faith and answers to current bioethical issues. Geographical origin and skin color of the future pope play no role, however.


When the Circus came to St Peter's Basilica, Cardinal Veglio celebrated Mass in the Basilica for them. Video shows the congregation arriving in the Square.

They performed at a Papal audience.

How Cardinal Veglio celebrates Mass

The Cardinal is a friend of the left-wing St Egidio Community

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