Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pope visited deathbed of ex-priest who concelebrated "Mass" with his wife

But a different picture has been painted by one of Bergoglio's friends, a radical feminist and Catholic called Clelia Luro, who is about as far to the left on the ecclesial spectrum as you can go. She married a prominent and respected bishop, Jerónimo Podestá – one of the leaders of the progressive reforms that followed the second Vatican council – and was sometimes seen concelebrating mass with him, the kind of thing that makes a Catholic cleric's hair stand on end. But Bergoglio reacted differently.

Luro talked to me at length about her friend, of whom she has the highest opinion, and told me how she would write to him almost weekly, and he would always reply by ringing her up and having a short chat. When Podesta was dying, Bergoglio was the only Catholic cleric who went to visit him in hospital, and, when he died, the only one who showed public recognition of his great contribution to the Argentinian church.

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If this is one of the Pope's real friends, I hate to think what he really wants for the liturgy.

In an Open Letter to Pope Benedict at the time of her husband's death, she claimed the marriage had been blessed by Archbishop Helder Camera.
Pope Francis on the liturgy- he talks about the uniqueness of the priesthood and the priesthood of all believers.


Ttony said...

BUT did he bring this errant soul back to the Truth before he died? If so,however he seems to have been humiliated, however much anybody might want to accuse him of unorthodoxy, it will all have been for the good.

Anonymous said...

I'm no longer surprised by these stories. My "shock" mechanism remains intact but I can't seem to muster up any surprise.

Challenging him on this will lead to the predictable chorus of "he's so humble" (or) "he eats with sinners just like Our Lord", etc.

Donzela d'Arc said...

Caritas! Only caritas... The example of Jesus who doesn't condemn, but forgive!