Friday, March 22, 2013

Pope Benedict and Pope Francis- continuity or break


No longer visible, the angels to guard nor the Holy Spirit to inspire
The Bishop of Rome presides, yet should the Pope not reign?
Not least when all the other thrones have crumbled
Vicar of Christ
The Son who once reigned over the world from the Cross
and who now
with the Father and the Holy Spirit
reigns as Monarch
from His throne in Heaven

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Nick said...

I've said this before but a lot of people are not getting it. Benedict did not really restore Tradition, so the idea that Francis 'broke' from Benedict's rebuilding efforts is very misleading.

Benedict brought back some 'pomp', but this doesn't amount to much if it is just for show. There needs to be some substance behind the 'pomp' otherwise it's faux-traditionalism.

This is especially true for the New Mass. I'm not saying there should not be reverence, but dressing up the New Mass to make it look Traditional is misguided and approaches a hybridization of the New and Traditional Mass.

If Benedict would have completely forbade Communion in the hand, forbade Altar Girls, maybe even Ad Orientem, then that would be restoring tradition. If we heard homilies that plainly mentioned mortal sin, Confession, the devil, the importance of Dogmas, etc, then that would be a traditional mindset.