Saturday, March 09, 2013

Cardinal Meisner defends his support of the "morning-after" pill

The Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner has decided to answer critics. A protest-mail campaign criticised the controversial decision, to approve the "morning after pill" subject to the condition that it was without abortifacient action, and allow it at Catholic hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhineland-Palatinate. Pro-life organizations and Catholic doctors call it a "phantom-pill" because with every known "morning after pill" an abortifacient effect could not be excluded.

Meisner, who was followed by the German Bishops' Conference on the 21st February, justifies his decision on a study the chairman of an international abortion lobby. First, it was claimed in the media,with the Cardinal as a source, that Pope Benedict XVI. had been informed of the step and had endorsed it. A claim that Cardinal Meisner had to deny a few hours later after the intervention of Rome.

Unfortunately Cardinal Meissner has still not answered some basic questions, first, why the scientific arguments and concerns of the Catholic doctors are ignored? Why did he take the decision so swiftly (rumours that the Green Party Health Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia had threatened to abolishing state subsidies to the Catholic health care facilities)? Why did he not wait for a neutral scientific testing of "new knowledge", as now the Swiss bishops have decided? (contrary to initial reports that they had followed the German bishops)

Thus, we reproduce the Cardinal's answer that is not an answer.

We document the response of the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner to his critics:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Normally chain emails are not answered. But in this case, an exception is therefore appropriate because the sender obviously has fallen victim to a misunderstanding.

First Cardinal Meisner has not "justified" the "morning after pill" . He has not talen a position on specific preparations , but clarified the unchanged ecclesiastical principles for the protection of life and transferred the responsibility for the application of these principles to the doctors.

Second The "morning after pill" was not "introduced" in Catholic hospitals but was even in cases of rape rejected for an abortion and for abortion equaling nidation. Only in the case of delay in ovulation was it declared justifiable.
Third In the declaration, the Cardinal does not speak of a pill that produces an early abortion. No specific pill is featured.

Third, In der Erklärung des Kardinals wird nicht von einer Pille geredet, die nicht frühabtreibend sei. Es kommt überhaupt kein Pillenname vor.

Fourth, The Archdiocese of Cologne has not relied on a study of the FIAPAC-President, but pointed to better information for those interested in explanations of German scientific societies.

Fifth, The contention of the anonymous operator of the internet campaign in which you have participated that there is no preparation that does not also work to produce an early abortion is not supported by any evidence.

Sixth, The Cardinal has already met your request to clarify the situation, namely with the accompanying statement that allows you to come to your own conclusion.

Sincerely yours
Vicar Monsignor Oliver Boss
Archbishop's Private Secretary
Archbishop's House
Cardinal Frings Str. 10
50668 Cologne


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