Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SSPX Superior in Eastern Europe denies saying there "would be no agreement with Rome”

Serwis internetowy Bractwa Św. Piusa X w Polsce

Dispatch on General Chapter of the Society

It is claimed on the Internet that on Sunday, July 15th, I purportedly said that there „would be no agreement with Rome”. In fact, I informed the faithful about the General Chapter, which concluded its meeting in the spirit of the utter unanimousness, and that I find this fact to be another miraculous act of Blessed Virgin Mary, who has lent a sympathetic ear to prayers of Her children, asking Her to protect Catholic Tradition. As for the contacts between the Holy See and our Society, I asked the fold to pray even more fervently for the Holy Father and that the number of prelates, who would wish for canonical recognition of the Society, which would not require any kind of trade-off on her part, would grow up. I also said that the current state of relations between FSSPX and Rome had been described by our Superior General in his sermon on June 29th, i.e. that we were back at status quo of September 14th, 2011, when the doctrinal preamble was set forth, which for the Society was absolutely impossible to accept. I also added that our Superior General was preparing reply to the proposition submitted by Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on June, 13th; in his reply he would also inform Roman authorities about conclusion reached during General Chapter’s meeting. In a couple of days the General House of FSSPX will issue a communiqué on this matter.

Fr. Karl Stehlin FSSPX
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