Thursday, July 19, 2012

New charges to be brought against Bishop Williamson

Holocaust-Leugnung - Neuer Strafbefehl gegen Bischof Williamson beantragt - Bayern -

Holocaust denier Richard Williamson was convicted of racial hatred - but for technical legal reasons, the judgment was dismissed. Now, the prosecution again is seeking the indictment of the traditionalist bishop.

Against the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson , a new penalty for racial hatred has been applied for. The request of the prosecutor in Regensburg was already made on 11 July at the local district court according to a spokesman for the prosecutor on Thursday.

Against Bishop Richard Williamson, a new penalty has been sought for race hatred. )
The traditionalist British Bishop Williamson in November 2008 on a Swedish television interview challenged the existence of gas chambers during the Nazi era. Because of the incident, Williamson was in April 2011 convincted in the District Court of the Second Instance of Regensburg of incitement with a fine of 6500 €. The judge's decision was, however, in an appeal hearing by the Higher Regional Court (OLG) in Nuremberg dismissed for formal legal reasons.

The Judges of the Court of Appeal had then complained that the charges against the bishop of the ultra-conservative SSPX were not sufficiently described in the prosecution dossier. However, the Court of Appeal had no doubt about the criminality of Williamson's statements. The provisions of the Higher Regional Court have been taken into account when drafting the now re-submitted application for a sentence, said the spokesman for the prosecutors in Regensburg, Wolfhard Meindl.

The district court of Regensburg confirmed on Thursday the receipt of the application for a sentence. A decision is expected in the coming weeks, said a spokesman for the court.

Williamson had said in the television interview, among other things: "I believe there were no gas chambers." He continued: "I do not think that six million Jews in Germany were gassed. " The interview with the Swedish station was recorderd on the sidelines of a priestly ordination of the SSPX in Zaitzkofen. It was shown on Swedish television and subsequently published on the Internet.

In the first case against Williamson, the question was largely of whether the bishop was expected to know that his offensive statements would be disseminated in the Federal Republic of statements via the Internet and thus would be seen in Germany.
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