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Vatileaks now has its own Father Brown- Father Martignani investigates

„Es ist wichtig, Freunde um sich zu haben“ – Vatikeaks und die dunklen Nächte Benedikts XVI. › Katholisches

"It is important to have friends around" – Vatileaks and the dark nights of Benedict XVI.

His name is Luigi Martignani and he is a Capuchin. The staff member of the Vatican Secretariat of State has been appointed secretary of the commission of three Cardinals appointed to investigate the Vatileaks scandal. This refers to the confidential documents smuggled out of the Vatican and leaked to the press.

Pope Benedict XVI pursued the matter is not without concern. From his immediate circle can be heard, rather, that the Pope is very concerned about the document leak and related breach of trust in his immediate environment. At yesterday's lunch with the Cardinals which was given by the College of Cardinals in honor of his 85th Birth, he said, not by chance: "It is important to have friends around." And added: "In my life I have experienced wonderful times, but also dark nights. The nights were necessary, and today, surrounded by the cardinals, my friends, I feel safe in this society. Evil wants to rule the world and it does so either by force or by disguising himself with good. In this way, it destroys the moral foundations of society. "
On another level, Martignani must now act. He is the operational arm of Cardinals Herranz, Tomko and De Giorgi, who lead the investigation. His task is to find out who is responsible for the leak of documents who was referred to by the journalist Nuzzi in his tell-all book with the code name "Mary." The journalist claimed that not just one person but several hide behind the name. The Vatican thought behind this statement Nuzzis a diversion in order to protect his informants.

Father Martignani- off duty or undercover!

A person who betrays secrets is, of course, nothing new in the Papal State. Each pontificate had its leak. The late doyen of the Vaticanists, Benny Lai wrote many times in his diaries about such leaks. Usually, it is a person who has, within the Leonine walls, "strong protection", which can be so strong that even when he is unmasked, the culprit is not necessarily removed from his post. Lai admitted that he used all possible methods to collect information. "From our own pocket, we paid monthly to 10,000 lire to Riccardo Galeazzi Lisi, the doctor of Pius XII to keep us up to date about the health of the Pope." When Pius XII. discovered that Galeazzi Lisi informed about him, he dismissed him. "If he wants to stay in the Vatican, let him stay, but make sure that it is arranged that I do not see him anymore," said the Pope. And the corrupt chief doctor did not thank him, but succeeded with a hidden mini-camera of taking a photo of the dying pope.

History must not repeat itself however. The mole of the 2012 cannot in any way count on it. It is certainly not ruled out that he, too, once detected, he will keep his position . His faster unmasking is expected. The Vatican Gendarmerie has already been searching. (Cathcon this article was produced prior to the arrest- one article in German was talking about life-long imprisonment. This is unlikely given that the butler has started to implicate others).

The mole had access to the archives of the State Secretariat, namely the part in which the Archbishop Gänswein, the private secretary of Pope, in which correspondence addressed to him and the Pope is placed after it has been replied to. The group of people is very small.

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