Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cardinal Schönborn backs Pope in word- now he has to back it up with action

Österreich: „Ein paar sehr ernste Fragen“:

Austria: "Some very serious questions"

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn sees in the words of the Pope's Homily at the Chrism Mass in St. Peter's Basilica today an "encouragement to the Church in Austria", The Archbishop of Vienna told Kathpress in a written statement on Thursday afternoon. At the same time the Pope had set the Parish Priest Initiative "some very serious questions." It is apparent from the words of the Pope, how importantly he regards the debate over the future of the Church in Austria and how well he understands the situation there according to Schönborn.

And the Cardinal said further, "This is pastoral care, which encourages people." In a very detailed and thoughtful way, Pope Benedict XVI has addressed on the other hand, the fundamental problem of any renewal- the temptation instead of fulfilling God's will to fulfill one's own Benedict had noted the fundamental basis of every renewal: To regard Christ, and him in humility being obedient to the Father, who is, as we believe as Catholics is disclosed in the Church and her teachings are disclosed.
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