Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dozens of witnesses against Bishop Williamson, as case delayed again

Strafbefehl gegen Holocaust-Leugner Williamson verzögert sich - München -

The completion of the investigation of Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson takes longer than initially planned. In about three weeks, a penalty will be sought for race hatred of of 6500€, said the spokesman for the prosecutors in Regensburg, Wolfhard Meindl,on Tuesday. The Higher Regional Court of Nuremberg was rejected in February the judgment of the District Court of Regensburg against the bishop, from the ultra-Catholic SSPX due to procedural defects. At that stage, the prosecutor had announced a new penalty order would be issued in early April. Williamson denied in a 2008 interview with Swedish television, the mass murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and the existence of gas chambers.

And also from Bild Zeitung In the first penalty order, the prosecution failed to explain how and exactly where in Germany the controversial interview had been published by the Bishop, reasoned the Court of Appeals. "In the current post-investigation, the distribution channel of the interview was reconstructed," said Geiger. In addition, dozens of witnesses had been identified which substantiate the allegations against the 72-year-old bishop.
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