Saturday, November 20, 2010

SSPX threaten to expel Bishop Williamson

Rechtsextremer Anwalt: Piusbrüder drohen Bischof Williamson mit Rauswurf - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama

The SSPX member convicted of race hate, Richard Williamson will be defended according to SPIEGEL information by a right-wing lawyer. The SSPX who are making efforts at reconciliation with the Vatican, thinks this is not acceptable - and threatens the controversial bishop with eviction from their order.

Hamburg - For his appeal against the conviction for race hatred before the District Court of Regensburg, the controversial SSPX member, Richard Williamson has hired a right-wing lawyers: Wolfram Nahrath was last "federal official" in the Viking Youth which was banned in 1994 and is currently a member of the NPD.

The lawyer, who once denounced the Federal Republic as a "victors democracy", completed an internship with the neo-Nazi lawyer Jürgen Rieger and sees himself as a fighter against "insults to our nation and our history." Williamson's previous defence lawyer, a Green from Coburg, Matthias Loßmann, gave up the mandate. His successor, sought last week in Regensburg for a postponement of the scheduled hearing in late November, in order to be able to read the files.

The SSPX, which is currently negotiating with the Vatican on their recognition, said "commissioning a neo-Nazi lawyer would not be acceptable". This will inevitably lead to the eviction of Williamson from the SSPX, said Secretary General Christian Thouvenot. The SSPX member was asked to withdraw his appeal before the court and to accept the penalty imposed in April of 10,000 €.
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