Friday, July 09, 2010

Cardinal Danneels lodges civil complaint

Fuites: le cardinal Danneels depose plainte | RTBF INFO

Cardinal Danneels is lodging a civil complaint for breach of the confidentiality of the investigations following the dissemination of information that the picture of a naked girl was found on his computer. It was simply a work of art from the Collection Canvas of the broadcaster RTBF.

The photo in question has in fact been automatically downloaded to the computer of the prelate from VRT website during a visit to this site and therefore without any willful intent. It is a work of art, made by a student Liege.

Much information has circulated in the press about the investigation concerning pedophilia within the Church, the leaks of which are also annoying to the justice authorities. The Brussels public prosecutor has confirmed that it has opened a criminal information for violation of the secrecy of the investigation.
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