Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cardinal Danneels questioning- dramatic development

La police confronte le Cardinal Danneels et Peter Adriaenssens | RTBF INFO

The former head of the Belgian Church, Cardinal Danneels is still being questioned on Tuesday afternoon (17.05) as a witness by the police in the wake of investigations into pedophilia within the Church. By mid-afternoon, he was joined by Peter Adriaenssens.

Cardinal Danneels, 77, arrived in the morning at the police building for a hearing which could be long.

Around 15.30 Peter Adriaenssens, the former chairman of a committee that dealt with complaints of sexual abuse in the church, arrived presumably for a confrontation. Peter Adriaenssens had already been heard last Friday but some of his statements do not correspond to those Cardinal. It was also said that the cardinal does not remember certain matters any more.

Could not be more dramatic, Cardinal confronted by conflicting statements of the man who led the organisation to deal with the problem of sexual abuse in the Church.
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