Wednesday, September 09, 2009

SSPX priest celebrates Mass in St Peter's in Rome

The sensation is that there are finally signs that point to a return to Catholic normalcy.

The Prior of the SSPX House of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Father Marcus Jasny has celebrated Masses in St. Peter's in the Old Rite.
The SSPX referrto this in a report on its website about a pilgrimage to Rome of graduates of the Schöneberg High School for Girls near Bonn.

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse is a town in Rhineland-Palatinate in southwest Germany.

The students visited the Eternal City, 24 August to 2 September.

In the morning at 7 clock Fr Jasny "could" celebrate the Mass in St. Peter’s - the report on the website of the SSPX states- at "that mysterious, quiet time of daybreak in St. Peter's, before the arrival of the torrents of tourist."

The paleo- liberal Swiss news agency 'Kipa-Apic' complained about the Latin Masses in Rome.

The person responsible for arranging Masses in St. Peter's said that there was no written request from the Father for the period concerned.

But it is possible that a priest can ask in the sacristy directly for an opportunity for celebration. Whoever presenting evidence of priesthood and asking for a Missal for the traditional rite, does not get a negative response.

Even already in the Jubilee Year 2000, the SSPX was able to celebrate during their great pilgrimage to Rome - at that time even under Pope John Paul II - a prayer service in St. Peter's.


Mitch said...

In the summer of 2008 I saw on more then one occasion priests celebrating Mass according to the 62 Missal at the 7am time. Infact one morning it seemed almost half of the Masses on side Altars in the main floor of the basilica were according to the 62 Missal. Twice I saw what I assume were SSPX priests celebrating the 62 Mass on the Altar of Pope St. Pius X.

Sixupman said...

Some years ago a French/Canadian SSPX priest Celebrated Mass in the crypt of Liverpool Cathedral. At that time relations with Diocesan clergy was first class.

Pablo the Mexican said...

It would be a defeat for Freemasonry if a Traditional Priest who has never said the Novus Ordo were to celebrate the True Mass at the High Altar on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City.

How many Martyrs, Priests, Nuns, children, women, and laymen would be in attendence? Their blood was spilled from one end of our Mother's land to the other.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

I am told that this has been happening for several years with the approval of the concerned authorities.

Anita Moore said...

I hope SSPX may soon be regular. They're the only ones within 300 miles of where I live that have the TLM!

Rich said...


Are you insinuating that the Church has imposed a "False Mass"? I'm sorry, but when people see comments like this, the poster loses much credibility. I'd recommend the following two talks by Mr. Michael Davies's:

Indefectibility of the Church

The Church That Cannot Fail

$3 well spent.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Rich,

First, allow me to congratulate you on your blog, and your beautiful family.

May I include you and them in my Holy Rosary prayers, that the Lord protect and defend them, and He increase your blessings? Please include my family in your prayers.

I need to establish some foundation before replying to your comments.

I do not read anything of Magisterium or Priestly ministry prefaced by Mr., Mrs., or Miss. I do try to pay close attention to people with an St., Fr., or Sr., or His Holiness, prefaced in their names.

I am certain Mr. Davies tickled peoples ears with the command of and the articulation of facts better left to Holy Mother Church.

Being catechized in the early 1950’s, and listening to sermons at Mass, we were well prepared for what happened during the period after Vatican Council II, because our Priests listened to the warnings of our Lady at Fatima, and LaSalette, and so on. These Priests taught us what the Church is; anything put forth that did not meet these criteria, is not the Church. They taught what the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is; anything else is not. They taught from Tradition.

As for the false Mass established in 1969 by Pope Paul VI, here are two reasons (of many) why it does not qualify as a true mass:

1). This Mass is one of praise instead of propitiation;

2). This Mass is protestantized; the form has been changed to sacrifice by the people instead of Christ crucified. Reparation is excluded.

Not only has the Mass been changed, much more has become tarnished. Side by side, the traditional Baptism Ritual is Catholic; the new one? Pope Benedict XVI has declared "I Baptize you in the name of the Sanctifyer, Redeemer, and the Paraclete" is not a Baptism at all. Could this have happened before the institution of the false mass? Absolutely not.

I do not care about credibility or how I am judged by those who are Holy and have their personal sanctity and virtue as measures against which they judge all others.

If I speak, my personal opinion does not enter into my conversation, I speak with the tongues of the Priests who gave us Sermons, and catechisms. If they are wrong, I am wrong.

God be with you, Rich.


Rich said...


Please include my family in your rosary. We are striving to live a holy life with the Grace of God through the Sacraments.

As to my original post, Mr. Michael Davies was very critical of Vatican II, but he knew where criticism stopped and heterodoxy began. To believe that the Church was promulgating official forms of sacraments that were invalid or false would mean that the Church, the Body of Christ, was offering its members poison. It would contradict the revealed dogma of the Indefectibility of the Church and render Our Lord's promise in Matt. 16:19 to St. Peter invalid. That would make Christ a liar, and therefore, not God.

While I personally find the New Mass esthetically, doctrinally, and spiritually anemic, it would be heresy to claim it is invalid. I don't doubt that there are invalid Masses by those who deviate from the rubrics approved by Holy Mother Church, but that cannot be the basis for judging a rite's validity. Someone who believed this would have to believe that the whole hierarchy is in apostasy - and that would mean that there is no Pope, nor means to elect a new one.

Davies covers all of this in his talks posted above. He was highly respected by groups like the SSPX, the FSSP, and most English-speaking Traditionalist Catholics. Simply because he is not ordained or living in a religious house does not mean that he is unfaithful to the Church's teachings.

Rich said...

I should also add that he wrote a huge defense for Abp. Marcel Lefebrve and had earned Lefebrve's highest respect. His works are distributed by Angelus Press, the printing arm of the SSPX.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Mr. Rich,

The Bride of Christ is spotless, and nothing we will do will change that.

Mr. Davies defense of Archbishop Lefebvre; a righteous man needs to be defended before fools. A child of God would never need to have someone explain to him what a righteous man is. People need to have their ears tickled. The more intelligent, the more the need for tickling. A poor humble man needs only for God to speak to him through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Scripture and Tradition. Catechism is part of this Scripture and Tradition.

The poor have no need for Chesterton, Davies, and so on.

Saint Athanasius and the Arian Heresy. This is a good study on how things can go wrong in Hierarchy. Do you hold that the Hierarchy Heretics that fought this Saint were offering the sheep proper Sacraments and Doctrine? Were they right or wrong? About what?

Did this great saint need Mr. Davies to defend him? Do you think that great future saint, Archbishop Lefebvre needed defending? Only before fools, Mr. Rich.

To claim that Popes and Cardinals are stainless is to not know the story of Peter and many of his successors.

“In today’s crisis of Church and world, our strength is in God alone, because humanly speaking we are powerless in the face of the trials confronting us. Our enemies are all-powerful, those inside the Church being much more dangerous than those outside. Just as the chief priests and ancients hated Jesus unto death, but they needed an Apostle to betray him, so we may blame Jews and Freemasons and others like them for engineering the destruction of the Church, but it has taken churchmen from within to do the actual betraying and destroying. Does Our Lord hate these traitors, as we can be sorely tempted to do? No, he seeks only their salvation, although their punishment will be horrible if they do not repent”.

….those inside the Church being much more dangerous than those outside… Those words by His Eminence Bishop Richard Williamson can be applied to the promulgation of the false mass by Hierarchy.

You cannot take Heresy in one hand and the Truth in the other, and combine them. The poison will still kill you, even if the honey does not. There is only one True Mass, Christ crucified.

I have no opinion other than that which God has given me through His Gospel, Mass, and His Holy Priests.

Please pray for the Holy Father.

Assuring you of my prayers for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.