Thursday, July 09, 2009

Excommunicated Female "Bishop" seizes Communion


In haste, late at night from the Upper Austrian News.

The Sunday worship celebration in the Parish of St. Peter in Linz did not make the excommunicated "Bishop" Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger as happy as she would have wished. Bishop Ludwig Schwarz refused her communion with the Host. Then she took the wafer herself.

400 people joined the celebration of Mass in the Parish of St. Peter on 28June.. It was held in honour of the church's patron, St. Peter. Among them, high-ranking politicians. But few noticed what happened during the Communion.

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger was dressed as a Bishop when she appeared at the Mass in official dress with a large pectoral Cross. During the Communion she chose, consciously or unconsciously, the row in which the Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz distributed communion. The bishop suggested to her that she should not come, because he could not give her Communion. But Mayr-Lumetzberger would not stop. When it came to her, she was not given the Host. According to ecclesiastical law,someone excommunicated may not receive communion.

Mayr-Lumetzberger took the host herself from the ciborium. "I was there for all men and women in a similar situation in life," she says in discussion with OÖN. Is it normal to receive the Host like this? "There are different models of the Communion," she says. What did she feel? "In the first moment, nothing. But now I feel hurt and angry, like a woman who has been beaten for the first time by a man, "says Mayr-Lumetzberger.

Had she expected to receive Communion?" Yes. The Gospel is a higher authority than canon law. "Mayr-Lumetzberger is excommunicated since according to Canon Law ordination of priestesses is prohibited. It had however never happened that she did not receive the Host. The Church of St. Peter is her home parish. "I know Christine a long time. For me, she has never come for Communion. She knows what situation this would put me in "says Parish Priest Franz Zeiger. This Sunday, she came dressed as a Bishop to the Mass.

Do she wish to provoke and did she want to attract attention? "I cannot judge. But dress codes, I cannot enforce on anybody, "says Pastor Zeiger. Did he understand the attitude of Bishop Ludwig Schwarz? "Yes. in canon law he cannot. " Observers had the impression that the situation during the Mass was painful for Bishop Ludwig Schwarz.


Dan said...

Mayr took herself the Host from the ciborium??? I don't get it, how come?? How was she able to do that?? Mysteriously the article does not give any explanation of the BIGGEST desecration of all. Forget that she showed up all dress up, forget that she went into line for communion. All that is really horrible, but taking the communion by herself? It is really difficult to do if the priest is holding the ciborium properly. There is something that does not fit here.
The priest and the bishop are also responsible for this desecration, and this incident should be carefully investigated by Rome.
Or nobody really cares in Rome??
By the way, that pride should be occasion for a good and holy priest to ask her to leave in a loud voice. They, by the contrary, are all cowards and pussy cats.
Oh... sorry... it was so painful for bishop... poor guy.
Give me a break!

Hidden One said...

10 points to Bp. Schwarz. He did the right thing, she did the wrong thing.

AJS said...

To use the Holy Eucharist as a platform for activism... abominable.

Alexander said...

And what is the preference of "women clergy?" The Novus Ordo of course.

Conchúr said...

Apostolic Visitation NOW!!!!

Obadiah said...

Communion in the hand is THE problem, if the priest only gave the Eucharist on the tongue the "bishopess" would never have had the chance to desecrate the Sacrament, it's time to get down on our knees and stick out our tongues.

malkisedheq said...

that woman must be spiritually ill. her ignorance, self-centeredness and pride has blinded her to do such an abomination.

Jesus is Holy-He is our Creator, the Host is Jesus.

she just offended Jesus face to face.
and for what? to push her stubborneness?

St. Michael the Archangel taught at Fatima a prayer for the offences against Jesus at the Tabernacle (in His own House). That was decades ago. They knew how sinful people will offend Jesus.

May God save her soul.

Unknown said...

You are all very good in condemning. Did Christ condemn anybody on earth except the Priests themselves??!!

Did you know that in the early times of the church people were chosen to celebrate the eucharist?

Christ himself, did not do the traditional 'course' or degree for priesthood. So you would have condemned him as well I presume??!!

FatherHPotter said...

Christ believes in dress codes...don't you recall? The one who came to the wedding feast without the proper garment was "cast out where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth."

Brian J. O'Malley said...

I am assuming that the Real Bishop did not want to chance spilling the rest of the hosts.

Fr William Bauer said...

An important theological truth: One does not "take" communion, one "receives" communion.
The woman in question is very very very confused.

Unknown said...

"Bishop" Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, in wanting to function as a bishop as only a man can, perhaps is "strapping on" some other "manly" item. Oh, I am offending this woman in expressing my point of view. Yet the "bishop" offends Holy God Himself and one billion members of His Holy Church at Holy Mass with her actions. Which is worse?

C. LaSalle said...

Can you imagine what would happen if a Catholic woman in a low cut top and a short skirt tried to batter her way into a mosque in an Arab country?

It would be shocking and so disrespectful! Not much differnt than what this woman did!

She clearly lacks stability and maturity. We need to pray for her and her obsesive need for attention.

Unknown said...

May our Father forgive her through the blood of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Those who receive Holy Communion unworthily bring condemnation upon themselves. She did not slight the Bishop but Jesus Christ himself. This is blasphemous and sacriligious and we must pray that she repents. Otherwise, Jesus the Just Judge will condemn her upon her death.
How very sad that she would be willing to crucify Jesus all over again.

Fr. Gerard said...

I find the whole attitude around this incident bewildering. While I fully understand the inner sensibilities of the Bishop, and I fully acknowledge that he acted in obedience to Rome, I am amazed that we never stop to question the base premise. How can Almighty God be subject to the limited human conscience of man or woman? If Christ risen and glorified will willingly enter the lives of all who come to Him, on what basis do we honestly believe that we have the authority to "ration" Him out? Were I to ask an Orthodox Patriarch on the validity of Roman Catholic Ecclesiology He would express his disapproval. The same with a Roman Bishop towards an Anglican, and I am sure an Anglican towards an Independent catholic not under Utrecht. However...perhaps the time has come for us all to reflect on our collective behaviour and its pastoral cost upon the lives and consciences of the European Peoples. We have sinned. We have sinned in our pride, in our presumption, in our attitudes, in our usurpation of Christ's Church. We have made ourselves of no account and annulled our right to be spokesmen and women of a better Kingdom. But it appears our hearts are hard and we honestly could care less about this or other Beatitudional attitudes. My heart goes out in compassion both to the Bishop bound in conscience to obey, and to my sister Bishop bound in conscience to protest. I can experience both their agony and pain.

The issue is not that of Woman Priests, but rather that of our refusal to acknowledge that Christianity is the fruit of Divine grace operating upon human broken and damaged hearts and that the central tenant of Christianity is that we LOVE EACH OTHER WITH THE SAME HUMILITY AND GRACE THAT CHRIST EXPRESSES WHEN HE STOOPS DOWN TO LOVE US. Less than that is mere human religious illusion, and pertains to the flesh and not to the Spirit (2 Cor.5:16-21).
True Catholicism must be big enough to embrace ALL the Baptised Faithful. We are still hobbling along with our qualifications of "Roman", "Independent", "Protestant" etc., as if God gave the slightest credence to our infantile demands for uniformity to our subjective individual conscience.
This I know that both Bishops will stand before the true Lord of the Church and they will both enter His glory through the unmerited and unmeritable Divine gift of grace and love, and they shall together life in timeless eternity as one in the One True and Undivided Glorious Church of God.
Then they shall laugh with embarrassment at the delusional behaviour of this day when one sought the others approval and love, but could not receive it, because the other sought Rome's conditional acceptance!

Jimmy Martello said...

The last notable to dip into the the dish in an unworthy state was Judas. She's in prestigious company.