Friday, July 17, 2009

Celibacy becomes private matter for priests in Linz


Father Josef Friedl has confirmed that in five conversations with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz he has dispelled all ambiguities about his attitude to celibacy.
OÖN: Father, has everything been discussed bv you and Bishop Ludwig?

Friedl: Basically it is settled. The Bishop said at a press conference that I can remain a parish priest.There were five conversations with him, but I have to keep to our understanding to say nothing more. I trigger nothing more.

OÖN: This means you have left the relationship with your partner?

Friedl: I will certainly not go into it. I say nothing. I've clarified everything out from my side. My private life is private.

OÖN: Bishop spokesman Ferdinand Kaineder was this week relieved of his duties. What do you say to that?
Friedl: bad, very bad. He is a great man and had many good ideas. It is very unfortunate that one looses such people.

OÖN: Did you fear that conservative groups in the Catholic Church could also boot you out?
Friedl: the right wing circles, yes ... Direct fear not, but they have set directed their fire at me.

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James the Convert said...

It's no small thing to confirm one in their sins. If so, both he, the bishop, and anyone else counseled to do so will face a severe judgment. Our Lady of Fatima stated, more fall into hell for the sins of impurity than any other sin. May God have mercy on them for they are clueless.