Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bishop Fellay video of new interview


Hat tip


Anonymous said...


A Diocesan priest interviewing His Excellency Bishop Fellay.

I never thought this would happen!

Hi Excellency was brilliant as usual in the short amount of time he had.
Very encouraging to see this.

becket said...

Very good interview. God bless Bishop Fellay and the SSPX.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding interview by the ever-charming Bishop Fellay.

He sort of reminded me of Ronald Reagan talking to the press in early 1976.

I might also add that the interviewer, Fr. Rosica, did a great job as well.

If I were a modernist, I'd be awfully concerned that if Bp. Fellay gets regularized thousands of faithful and hundreds of priest are going to join him.

I mean, realistically, if you're a parish priest surviving in a modernist gulag and you hear that Bp. Fellay gets regularized by the Church, who wouldn't head for the hills and join him?

Anonymous said...

Toward the end of the interview after the interviewer refers to Bp. Williamson as "loose cannon," Bp. Fellay then (with his interminable trade mark ear splitting grin no less) speaks of his fellow bishop as a "grenade in a crowd" and then he asks what you do with it. His reply is that you "throw it." When will this ongoing scandalous and most uncharitable mockery/defamation of Bp. Williamson by Bp. Fellay cease?

Bp. Fellay has in the past publicly referred to Bp. Williamson's views on the holocaust as "nonsense." What are your scholastic expert credentials on the holocaust Bp. Fellay? What expertise do you have to share with us? If you expect informed Catholics to believe the Judaic propaganda multi-billion dollar money making 6 million mostly gas chamber version (as most apparently you do) then you dear bishop are talking total nonsense.

James B. Phillips

Anonymous said...

Better late than never -
God Bless The SSPX. They are holding onto what has been lost. VII promotes all other "religions" and sects in the name of "peace. love, and Coca-Cola."
It can't all be right! Why did Christ die and Rise? Gee - guess He coulda-hada Coke, instead. Preposterous.
Love Christ and His Words; The Truth, Who is He Himself, is all there.