Sunday, June 14, 2009

Austrian bishops summoned to Rome for crisis meeting

Austrian bishops on the way to crisis meeting in Rome

Cardinal Schönborn leads as chairman of the Bishops' Conference the delegation which wishes to clear away the misunderstandings with the Vatican regarding the "Problem Diocese” of Linz.

The top people in the Austrian Bishops' Conference are according to sources on their way to Rome. Meetings are planned for Monday and Tuesday with senior people in the Vatican from the Pope himself to the Prefects of several Congregations. Theme- the situation after the "freely taken" decision to withdraw of Father Wagner from taking up the office of Auxilliary Bishop.

The meeting comes just before the opening of the Austrian Bishops' Conference summer meeting in Mariazell.

Bishop Kapellari and, of course, the Bishop of Linz are in the party. The presence of the Nuntius in Rome is not ruled out.

Various representatives in the Vatican see recent events in the Diocese of Linz as public challenge to the authority of Pope and his right of episcopal appointment.

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Archbishop Alois Kothgasser of Salzburg is also in the Rome party. I bet the Cardinal Archbishop won't now be complaining that the nomination of Fr Wagner was due to a "shortened process" being followed as he said at the time.
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