Saturday, May 16, 2009

Video arrest of priest at Notre Dame



Anonymous said...

I had tears in my eyes as I watched this 80 year old priest being handcuffed and carried away, singing Immaculate Mary.

Thanks, Gillibrand, for having the courage to put this up on your blog.

CSC said...

no puedo creer lo que este sinico de obama que ademas de abortista es un despota,que Dios lo ayude porque el infierno lo espera para que se queme vivo viva Cristo rey y la cultura de la vida

Unknown said...


Sad and tragic day for America, Outrageous and heartbreaking

God Help Us..what's next for our children and grandchildren!

Pablo the Mexican said...

What the hell were the Catholic men doing as these Freemason lodge law officers took the Priest to jail?

Over my dead body!

No one disturbs a hornets nest, because they know what they'll get. Arrest a priest, and it's okay.

Time to start selling cajones in a can after Mass.