Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Archbishop Zollitsch picked up his error.

explained in an essay by Avery Dulles SJ:

Some recent authors deny that sacrifice is a central concept in the Bible. Karl Rahner expresses doubts about whether Jesus interpreted his own death as an expiatory sacrifice. Rahner finds the idea of sacrifice in some late New Testament texts that were overinfluenced, in his view, by primitive notions that have subsequently been transcended. Reinterpreting the event for the modern consciousness, Rahner expunges the concept of propitiatory sacrifice and substitutes his concept of symbolic or quasi-sacramental causality, to which I have already referred.

Should come as no surprise, Zollitsch was the favoured candidate of his predecessor (who resigned early to prevent the newly elected Archbishop of Munich getting the job) Cardinal Lehmann. Cardinal Lehmann was Rahner's research assistant. Rahner's principal philosophical influence was the Nazi Heidegger.

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Unknown said...

Zollitsch's heresy is firmly based on the "Catholic Catechism for Adults", edited from the "German Bishops' Conference" in 1985.
Among the guys who worked on this apostatic "Catechism" were:
- Joseph Ratzinger (now "Benedict XVI.");
- Walter Kasper (now "Cardinal" in Rome);
- Karl Lehmann (now "Cardinal"; direct predecessor of Zollitsch as "Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference").
So absolutely no surprise here.