Monday, March 02, 2009

Pope grants dispensation to Father Wagner

from KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

On Monday the request of Windischgarsten parish priest Maria Gerhard Wagner to withdraw his nomination as Bishop of Linz was accepted and a "dispensation" granted. This was announced by the Vatican on Monday in the Press-Bulletin . Literally it says: "Il Santo Padre ha il dispensato Msgr. Gerhard Wagner dall'accettare l'ufficio di Ausiliare Vescovo di Linz (Austria)." (= The Holy Father, relieved Gerhard Wagner from the obligation to accept the Office of the Bishop of Linz). Gerhard Maria Wagner signed on Friday 22 February 2009, the request for withdrawal of his appointment.

What will happen now in the Diocese of Linz is currently still completely open. On Sunday, the "Krone" newspaper reports that currently behind the Vatican walls intensive discussions are taking placehow to bring back the "rebellious diocese" back to the official exchange rate of the universal Church should be brought. Under debate, according to the newspaper are an Apostolic Visitation and the appointment of a coadjutor bishop.

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Prima said...

I'm not clear on what "dispensation" [dispensato] means here. Does this mean that at some future point Msgr. Wagner can be named a bishop? Was this done from fear of schism?