Sunday, March 08, 2009

Meet The Management of the Diocese of Linz


Österreich: In Linz tagt der Pastoralrat

In Linz, the Pastoral Council is meeting. For the first time since the Wagner affair, the Pastoral Council has met. A statement speaks of a "strong shock after the latest events in the diocese and the global Church." The Council hopes in future for an "appropriate involvement of the local church in the appointment of bishops. In addition, it invited "all those who in recent weeks have left the church, to reconsider their step."
Pictured above the four leading members of the Pastoral Council, styled by the Diocese "The Management". Cathcon: I did not convert to presbyterianism, I converted to Catholicism!

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Father G said...

That "thing" in the blue shirt and black vest" is that male or female? I can't tell...