Monday, March 02, 2009

British Holocaust denier Irving offers Bishop Williamson accommodation


"I'm ready to take him in"

London - The British Holocaust denier David Irving believes that the recent statement of the traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson, who on Thursday asked for forgiveness for his outrageous statements about the Holocaust, has not put an end to the controversy. "He was pushed into it by the SSPX. That is also not helping him," said Irving to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur on Friday in London. He even had offered the bishop accommodation after his return to Britain. "I'm ready to take him in." The bishop, however, has not yet been in contact with him. "He is with theSSPX in Wimbledon," said Irving.

Irving, who works as a historian, confirmed that Williamson had been in contact with him before his departure from Argentina in order to seek advice. From an e-mail correspondence with Irving can be seen that Williamson had sought advice from the German lawyer Maximilian Krah. The lawyers office in Dresden of Fetsch did not wish to comment to the DPA. Whether Williamson was in contact falls under legal confidentiality, said lawyer Daniel Adler. Krah himself could not be reached.

Irving was given a three-year prison sentence in Austria because of denial of Nazi crimes but was released early from prison. He lives in Windsor, west of London. Williamson got to know him at a garden party at his home last October.

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