Monday, March 02, 2009

Bishop Mixa responds to Central Council of Jews in Germany

in official statement

Diocese of Augsburg: Bishop Mixa completely rejects criticism
Fraternal relationship between Jews and Catholics is close to his heart.

The Diocese of Augsburg has rejected the criticism of Bishop Walter Mixa by the Stephan J. Kramer, Secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany as "completely absurd and exaggerated". The misunderstanding of an alleged comparison of abortion practice in Germany with the Holocaust by Bishop Walter Mixa had ever arisen only because the bishop at the beginning of a lecture on "Ethics and morality in politics" in the context of current events had sharply rejected any form of Holocaust denial and expressed solidarity with the Jewish community said the spokesman for the diocese, Dr. Christoph Goldt on Monday. Mixa had said that the murder of over 6 million Jews was an "appalling and utterly unique crime" and stressed that the Holocaust was for all times, a reminder that life and human dignity of every individual should be respected.

In another context, then the bishop pointed out that even in the present there were crimes against life of an inconceivable magnitude and gave the number of abortions as 9 million in the last thirty years. Those who try to construct out of this an anti-Jewish attitude or to insult the Church as medieval, do not serve the rich and fraternal dialogue between Jews and Christians. At the same time a Catholic bishop should be allowed to give the clearest response to the wrong of abortion. Goldt recalled that Bishop Mixa as one of his first acts in Augsburg paid the the Jewish community a visit of friendship. The good and brotherly relations between Jews and Catholics were close to the heart of the bishop, stressed Goldt. All else is a defamatory libel.
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