Friday, February 27, 2009

Storm over Bishop Mixa for connecting holocaust and abortion


Holocaust und Abtreibung: Mixa wehrt sich gegen "bösartige" Vorwürfe Aktuelles aus Franken Studio Franken BR

Holocaust and abortion
Mixa fighting against "malicious" allegations

A speech by the Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg at an event to CSU in Frankish Dinkelsbühl faces criticism: The Bishop made a connection between the number of Holocaust victims and the abortions carried out in Germany in recent years. Allegations that Mixa relativised the Holocaust have been rejected by the diocese "with indignation".

Mixa was a guest speaker on the theme "Values and Ethics in Politics" at an event organized by the Dinkelsbühl CSU, when he brought the two issues together. In an allusion to the debate about the SSPX Mixa stressed that the Holocaust on the scale of six million deaths had certainly taken place. The Bishop of Augsburg, adding that this figure had already been exceeded by the number of abortions.
"Holocaust must never be compared"

For some listeners the comparison caused resentment. Even the Mayor of Dinkelsbühl, Christoph Hammer, who was the host believes the connection of the two themes to be infelicitous. "The Holocaust is such a horrible, brutal crime that it can never be compared to another injustice," said Mayor Buehler to the Bayerischer Rundfunk. With all due respect for the bishop, these should not be compared, says the Lord Mayor continuing: "The Incomparable and unimaginable cannot be relativised."

Diocese rejects sharply allegations
Meanwhile, the Augsburg Diocese defends itself against allegations There could be no question of a relativisation of the "ghastly injustice against the Jewish people", said diocese spokesman Christoph Goldt. The spokesman said, Mixa on contrary had sharply distanced himself in the CSU Ash Wednesday meeting in Dinkelsbühl from the Holocaust denier and bishop of the SSPX Richard Williamson and denoted the murder of six million Jews as an appalling and unique crime.

Accusation "absurd and evil"

Bishop Mixa then "in a broader context" of the theme "ethics and morality in politics," pointed out that even at the present time crimes are being committed against life. The bishop referred to, among other things, the number of abortions in the past decades, which according to expert estimates, has now exceeded nine million. To contruct a relativization of the Holocaust by the bishop out of this was "absurd and malicious." Also, by specifying the different figures in different issue areas no relativization of the Holocaust was made, said diocese spokesman Goldt.

Bishop Mixa has a record of being provocative, not least in Israel.
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