Saturday, February 14, 2009

SSPX operating a labelling swindle


D: „Pius-Bruderschaft betreibt Etikettenschwindel“

In a statement, the Don Bosco Mission pointed out that the Don Bosco School Union, which in some German regions operates schools , is not affiliated with the Order of the Salesians of Don Bosco has. It is very regrettable that the SSPX, why is behind the ominous school union uses the name of the Order's founder and teacher, Giovanni Bosco to pursue their arch-conservative objectives, it said in the press release. As "Don Bosco" as a label is not protected, any one can adorn themselves unquestioned with the names of popular saints. In this sense, the SSPX are operating a labelling scandal. The Head of the Don Bosco Mission in Bonn and member of the order Jean-Paul Muller SDB, stressed in a letter to the friends and supporters of his apostolic work that the SSPX propagated an image of humanity which did not in any way correspond to the attitude and the educational methods of Don Bosco.

My wife who owes everything to a post-war Don Bosco education sharply disagrees and wonders in the words of the famous questions to the late George Best, "Where did it all go wrong?". See pictures of "The Worst Mass ever" Just who is operating the labelling swindle here? Yet another case of double standards swirling around this whole story.

Both of these men are priests- the one on the right is Fr Muller

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The suit and tie "Fr. Muller"? He needs to re-examine his vocation.