Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prosecution of Bishop Williamson almost inevitable following statement of Bavarian Justice Minister

Justiz in Bayern - Ministerium - Pressemitteilung 34/09

Justice Minister Beate Merk:
"Bavarian Prosecutor investigates Williamson" / Holocaust denial a criminal offense in Germany

In the debate about the criminal responsibility of the Holocaust denier Williamson Bavarian Justice Minister Dr. Beate Merk explains: "Those who, like Williamson deny the terrible and manifest mass murder of Jews during the Nazi era, not debate about a historical fact. He also deeply violated the dignity of the victims. " Germany cannot accept such behavior, given its historical responsibility, under any circumstances and must emphatically oppose him. Therefore, under German law, the denial of the Holocaust as a violation of humanity has for a long time been punished with imprisonment up to 5 years imprisonment or a fine if done publicly in a manner which is likely to disturb the public peace. The Regensburg Prosecutors Office have been conducting an inquiry since early February into the Williamson statements on a Swedish television channel, to determine whether these conditions are met.

Frau Merk like any good conservative believes in protecting the victim rather than the perpetrator

and thinks that true justice is an advantage for any geographical location. Cathcon suspects that she sees herself as the first female Minister President of Bavaria.

German Justice Minister has also spoken on Bishop Williamson

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