Monday, February 16, 2009

First Statement of Father Wagner, the Five Minute Bishop of Linz

Reactions – Das Mobbing-Opfer meldet sich- The victim of mobbing makes a statement

This morning the nominated five minute Bishop of Linz woke up relieved. The regional 'Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten rushed to the front line of the battle against Father. Wagner.

(, Linz) "This resignation has been done voluntarily."

Said Fr Wagner who two weeks ago was appointed Auxilliary Bishop of Linz, to the regional radio show 'Morning Journal' on Austrian radio.
Hw. Wagner was relieved this morning: "In comparison to the previous nights."

Now he inwardly feels free: "There are many who are happy about my decision, but also many who are not happy about it."

The nominated Bishop had detected from the beginning an often ruthless and unloving resistance to his appointment

He then asked himself what's good for the church and had then decided against taking office

He will also remain parish priest and pastor in Windischgarsten: "I am pleased so far and am now again, I am totally devoted to this task can be."

Who the new Bishop will be in Linz, he did not know. Cathcon- much media buzz this morning about whether anyone else will be appointed.

The special meeting of the Austrian Bishops takes place at 10.00 clock in the archbishop's palace in Vienna in spite of the resignation. The theme is still the church crisis.

It is already clear that the bishops will be careful, not to give the real reasons for it.

The Vatican did not seek his resignation. Bishop Kapellari of Steiermark says that it is no reason for jubilation. You can say that again.

Linz the diocese that brought you "The Shrine to the Devil's Own Disciple" Click on Linz below for the full horror film.

See Linz gets what it needs and deserves. Well, it didn't.

Apostolic Visitation now!

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Prima said...

This whole matter is such a disgrace. At the head of the list is Cardinal Schoenborn. If I were the Pope, he'd be "called" to the Curia, put in an office, seated at a desk facing the wall, given a notepad, and a pencil with an eraser on it and no duties. I know the Pope feared a new schism and Fr. Wagner, in his holiness, acted like a good priest and a man. God bless them both.