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Comments from Jewish groups about the lifting of the excommunications.

Rabbi- The whole Church contaminated
From the German NTV

"The whole Church is contaminated" according to Rabbi David Rosen and Giuseppe Laras, President of the Italian Rabbis says,

"It was not necessary for the Vatican to take this step at a delicate phase in Judeo-Christian dialogue has been done. "We cannot see into the Pope's head, not even do we want to, but it is certainly not an action that reduces tension."

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The umbrella organization of Jewish organizations in France called Williamson a "heinous liar whose sole objective is to stire the age-old hatred of Jews."

Vatican distances itself from Williamson
Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Paris said on Saturday that the desire of the pope for unity of the church is understandable, but the reconciliation of Williamson will disadvantage the Vatican and its international reputation, especially as the Pope was a German.

Swiss Jewish community concerned.

The Swiss Jews are concerned that Richard Williamson again belongs to the Catholic church. The Vatican with the repeal the excommunication will "symbolically cover over" his revisionist views.

The relations between Jews and Christians were sensitive, said the Vice-President of the Swiss Jewish Community Federation (SIG). Such an approach of the Vatican could affect the re-convergence of the two religions.

Yad Vashem Comment regarding Bishop Williamson

The reinstatement is an internal Church matter. However, it is scandalous that someone of this stature in the Church denies the Holocaust. Denial of the Holocaust not only insults the survivors, memory of the victims, and the Righteous Among the Nations who risked their lives to rescue Jews, it is a brutal attack on Truth. Even if the revocation of the excommunication is unrelated to Williamson’s comments regarding the Holocaust, what kind of message is this sending regarding the Church’s attitude toward the Holocaust? Although we understand that Williamson’s statements do not represent the Church’s stance, we continue to hope that the Church will vigorously condemn these unacceptable and odious comments.

International Holocaust Memorial Day falls on Tuesday- the day that Auschwitz was liberated.

Pope's visit to Israel still on

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Faby said...

Rabbis poor theater!
Williamson might open a line of investigation because maybe what he said of the gas chambers be true ...
He put his finger on the sore, and Benedict is becoming more evident his mastership in Holy Chess ... Old Pope shows that the 80 years you can command a storm! Or perhaps I think that intelligence is not becoming only from him; It is THE HOLY SPIRIT, DEUS.