Monday, January 19, 2009

Ex-priest turns into Carnival Prince of Clowns


Cathcon translation of
Former solo entertainer- Ralf the ex-Priest.

He has had a steep career climb. Our freshly made Prince Ralf I. (surname, Birkner, born in Cleves) only arrived five year ago in our beautiful Bonn and he already become the Chief of the Carnival Clowns with his Bonn born and bred, Princess Miriam I. (surname, Schmitz).
Also unusual: Ralf studied theology and was a priest for ten years. For personal reasons, he swapped his priesthood for an office job.

"In order to finance my studies, I became a solo entertainer ", he tells the assembly of great clowns. "I started with the accordion, but when I realised you cannot do so much with that, I went on to the keyboard," Prince Ralf I said further. Today, he no longer plays at weddings and anniversaries, but he accompanies a choir.

Otherwise, the ex-priest is happy to cook. "Since I'm diabetic, I naturally like to cook with a lot of vegetables, with low carbohydrates. I especially love the Mediterranean cuisine, "said Ralf Birkner. He has not got much time for hobbies. "My wife Katja and I commit ourselves to much volunteer work. I recently started as an emergency chaplain and I write for the newspaper in Munster, "said Ralf.

The new couple do not have so much time together- they were married in July 2007.
Especially pleasing for Ralf I is his fan club "We are Prince" who were in evidence at the Proclamation of the Prince . "I could not have guessed at anything like this. Although I noticed that my wife suddenly had even less time, but I did not take any notice. Meanwhile, the group has got together about 100 members.

Cathcon note: “Wir sind Prinz” is a parody of “Wir sind Papst”, a famous headline in Germany the day after the election of the Holy Father, itself a play on "Wir sind Kirche" the name of a radical left church grouping and "Wir sind Weltmeister" from the football World Cup.

For comparison, the man gave up acting in Persona Christi at Mass to perform as a King of Clowns at his "coronation".

And the Pope, Vicar of Christ on earth.

Unbelievably, there could be something worse than the ex-priest becoming Prince of Fools.

A narrative dance choreographed by Joshua Monten and performed at the Stadttheater Bern, Switzerland) in 2006. It (allegedly) depicts the Papal Conclave, the intercession of the Holy Ghost, and the coronation of the new Pope.

Or even a Cardinal who became a Prince of Fools.

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