Saturday, January 31, 2009

Church dissident calls for removal of Pope

from FT Germany:

The criticism of Pope Benedict XVI because of the rehabilitation of the controversial Bishop Richard Williamson does not stop. Israel has in consequence threatened with the severance of diplomatic relations with the Vatican. Salomon Korn, vice president of the Central Council of Jews, called it unforgivable that a Holocaust denier could be acceptable in society. The theologian Hans Küng even called for the Pope to be changed. He obviously had no idea of the degree to which his action would be considered disastrous.

Cathcon note the German word means change or removal.

This well known dissident supplements one ultra-counter-productive statement, that of Bishop Williamson with another.

The FT are probably referring to Kueng's 'If Obama were Pope'.

No wondere he is outside of the Church leadership- he clearly thinks in political rather than divine categories. Obama has a chance of becoming the most disappointing President in American history (some competition there however from Jimmy Carter)- the Pope is the Vicar of Christ, the head of the Catholic Church, against which the gates of hell will not prevail, even unto the end of time. The leadership cannot be changed at the whim of thoroughly secular priest however well known and beloved in the world.

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fr jim said...

"if the One were Pope?" .......
yeah, look at the "catholics" obama has around him:
Pelosi, Kerry, Daschle, Casey & the crowd who have sold their souls to the "movement of the times" as has, i would note, our dear friend Hans.

May God be merciful in judging them.
To my eye, it will take more than "angels to lead this gang into paradise."