Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anti-Life Catholic US Lawmakers Call for Direct Repudiation of Bishop Williamson's views

Fifty Catholic members of Congress have written Pope Benedict XVI, asking him to directly reject the views of British-born Bishop Richard Williamson, who has denied the scale of the Holocaust. Benedict last week reinstated Williamson and three other bishops who have rejected the church's teachings from the second Vatican Council. An excerpt:

'We understand that . . . you do not share in his views. And we welcome your recent statement expressing 'full and indisputable solidarity' with the Jewish people. But this is too sensitive an issue to be handled without a direct repudiation of Bishop Williamson's views. As a spiritual leader and the head of the Catholic Church, we believe it is vital that you publicly state your unequivocal position on this matter so that it is clear where the Church stands on one of the most consequential events of the 20th century. To neglect to do so is to allow others to portray it as they wish and impede the progress made over so many years toward harmony and reconciliation.'

Hopefully the Pope will write back reminding them of their solemn obligation towards life in the womb. It is morally impossible to protest against the crime of the holocaust and then to vote for abortion. The killing of the innocent is a crime.

From the Congressional Voting record, of the fifty, 36 have a zero record of being pro-life, including one Patrick Kennedy. Two George Miller and Carolyn Mccarthy have 100 percent record of voting pro-life, two more 85 percent, two more 71 percent, and two more a mere fourteen percent. The rest are new entrants.

Don't forget these are all Catholics who wish to give the Pope advice when they themselves show little or no loyalty to his moral teaching, apart from the noble exceptions cited. They are asking Bishop Williamson to repent, time they did some of their own.

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Dolorosa said...

I don't understand the thinking of these so-called catholics. They want to tell the Pope what to do but not vice versa. Not to mention the fact that the enemies of Christ have also told the Pope not to beatify Pope Pius XII, not speak out against communism, (Vatican/Moscow agreement),don't return the Latin Mass, change prayers, praise vatican II and keep the SSPX excommunicated, etc. Let us pray daily for the Pope as he is being attacked by satan from all sides today.