Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bishop Williamson apologises to Vatican

Monseñor Williamson también se muestra conciliador- Bishop Williamson is also a conciliator.

We continue to give world firsts. And of importance. The Vatican has just received a letter from Bishop Williamson apologising for the damage caused by reckless statements in a tone and content that has very pleasantly surprised.

I think it is a desirable step in the understanding with the group that was not in perfect communion with Rome. Cardinal Re thinks if there had been more communication between the Holy See and the Fraternity of St. Pius X many problems would have been spared . Thank God that the good will of His Holiness is well received by the followers of Monsignor Lefebvre.

Bishop Williamson's statements are certainly very unfortunate, but he did not deny the evil of Nazism, and were made several months ago. The broadcast by Swedish television coinciding with the publication of the decree lifting the excommunication is an obvious attempt to discredit Lefebvre and especially to the Pope.

Just as I welcome the intervention Bishop Fellay, I think the reaction of Bishop Williamson also requires a firm decision by the fraternity to bring to completion the restoration of full communion.

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