Monday, January 19, 2009

Biden worships


at church JFK attended:

Vice President-elect Joe Biden worshipped and received communion Sunday at the same Roman Catholic church President John F. Kennedy attended just hours before his inauguration.
Biden and his wife, Jill, sat in a pew reserved for him and his family toward the back of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, and listened as the Rev. Larry Madden, S.J., delivered a sermon about God as a constant anchor and the promise of hope and change for those who believe.

Biden's position on abortion was just too much even for some American Catholic bishops.

Fr Madden offers tools for liturgical reform.

But flashback to 1997.

Cardinal Hickey sends letter to Holy Trinity's pastor, Jesuit Fr. Lawrence Madden, on June 9, directing him to make "systematic efforts to correct the doctrinal, disciplinary and pastoral problems cited here."
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