Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shocking lack of priests in German Church

Cathcon translation of Alarmierender Priestermangel in der katholischen Kirche

The number of ordinations of priests in Germany in 2008 has fallen below 100. The Conference of German Seminary Rectors gathered together on Tuesday in Munich announced that this year only 95 priests were ordained for the 27 dioceses. This is "alarming," said Munich's Seminary Rector, Franz Joseph Baur. Since the beginning of statistics in 1972, there have never been fewer priests ordained. The number of new entries into the seminaries is decreasing, which in 2008 stood at 176. 20 years ago, there were twice as many ordinations and entries. Baur spoke for maintenance of the strict admission practice, so that no candidate can be recommended for ordination who , "might not cope later with the requirements of the post."

In the German seminaries currently 871 men are on the way to ordination. 15 years ago, there were still 1817.

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Joe said...

The problem seems to be that the Modernist heresy has not been defeated by a long shot. On the contrary, it was established within the Church's most basic earthly institutions: the parishes and schools. The parishes and schools were the gardens of vocations. The gardens were not cultivated because Modernism led people to conclude Christianity to be an elemental force of the universe. You do not need to CHOOSE an elemental force: it just is. However, Christ did not teach that he was like gravity. Two ways are set before you oh man: the way to life and the way to death. CHOOSE life, therefore, that you may LIVE. Until we choose the narrow way to life, the garden, the vineyard will remain abandoned by its appointed cultivators. Otherwise, death of all kinds will continue to win victories.

Modernism is a "meta-linguistic" heresy. The Church's dogmas are statements of fact. Modernism does not tinker with these statements of fact by denying their subjects. Modernism undermines the philosophical meta-language with which these statements of fact are derived.

Therefore, the only way to defeat the Modernist heresy is to HEAL the Catholic mind. The way to do this is not by restating dogmas over and over again. The way is TRUE LITURGY: the ancient liturgy.