Monday, January 21, 2008

St Thomas More Catholic College

Update from the Head Girl of the School

We will resist! Serco scrapped their plans! we await their new ones now! I think they grasped the idea we are not to be messed with. With great privilege, I can say I am the Head Girl of the best school in the area, county and possibly the world for me.

Not impressed with the guy's comment on your blog. Maybe he does not realise that we study for A Levels and simply do not have the time to pick up every computer error!!!

Of course, not many students will say they go to the best school ever! They do at Thomas More, so that must say something, and its my Job as Head Girl to make sure the world knows about the best school, best students, and best staff from the head down to the cleaners.

Cathcon comment
And what a great Patron Saint as well. All fits together!

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