Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sickness for your soul

An outfit in the Diocese of "Bad to" Wuerzberg called Sing a New Song to the Lord, put on a seminar involving liturgical dancing and worship spiritually directed by an Augustinian. They call it wellness for the soul but this surely cannot include laying our Lord on the floor and dancing over him. In all the liturgical abuse, normally a sense of some remaining decency procures a table in immitation of the altar of sacrifice but not here. It therefore has to earn the title for the worst liturgical abuse of all time.

Under their feet their mocking cloth can be seen.

Here they take leave of their senses.

If you can't be sure that the Consecrated Host was at their feet in the picture above, it is here.

Post-Communion- they call this the heart of the faith. What faith?

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