Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sickness for your soul

An outfit in the Diocese of "Bad to" Wuerzberg called Sing a New Song to the Lord, put on a seminar involving liturgical dancing and worship spiritually directed by an Augustinian. They call it wellness for the soul but this surely cannot include laying our Lord on the floor and dancing over him. In all the liturgical abuse, normally a sense of some remaining decency procures a table in immitation of the altar of sacrifice but not here. It therefore has to earn the title for the worst liturgical abuse of all time.

Under their feet their mocking cloth can be seen.

Here they take leave of their senses.

If you can't be sure that the Consecrated Host was at their feet in the picture above, it is here.

Post-Communion- they call this the heart of the faith. What faith?


Garret said...

This defies logic, good taste, and just about every virtue that I can think of off the top of my head.

Hail3N1 said...

How in heaven's name does he continue to be a priest??

Anonymous said...

You have finally found the worst altar in the world- no altar at all.

ChrisG said...

TheEditrix has left a new comment on your post "Sickness for your soul":

That is scary! It looks like a dog's dinner I don't mean that as a joke AT ALL!

I found the website and it was even worse than I expected anyway. This (Cathcon one photo) defies all belief. It's proudly captioned: "Liturgic dance in the order's habit". Do they know what they are doing? If I'm looking at their silly, simpering faces, I doubt it. Whether the priest knows what he is doing is a different question. Meditation, Yoga, they've been through it all. What will be next? Slaughtering a cock on the altar? Again, I am NOT trying to be flip. I am deep in despair.

Thank you for this blog, Mr. Gillibrand. (Cathcon- removed links to avoid inflamatory e-mails from angry modernists) Great post!

Miss. Sara Lentz said...

This is idolatry, for they worship wafers. How can there be any proper consecration or intention with this outrage?