Wednesday, September 26, 2007

German Bishops' conference Guidelines for the old Mass


German report from Radio Vatican.


In Fulda, the German bishops are seeking a common line on the implementation of the Papal letter on the old Mass. Questions are still open, said the Chairman of the Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, prior to the autumn plenary assembly. Such as, ““like the request of a stable group” leaves itself open to interpretation”: Are the people from a Parish or will Masses be allowed with the people coming from a larger area? There is also the question, which is whether the priest is suitable{to celebrate the Latin Mass}? Because it is said also that if the priest celebrates the Mass privately, then this needs permission neither from the Bishop nor from Rome. How can one determine then the suitability? “

In the run-up to the plenary assembly, guidelines were compiled on two sides of A4, which are now to be adopted by the chief pastors. Lehmann stated confidently that he could present this at the end of the week. Starting from at the beginning of October, the guidelines could then come into force. Decisions must, in the long run, be made by each Diocese, stresses the Bishops’ conference chairman. Guidelines are not binding.

”One can perhaps say, these are guidelines, where we position ourselves between both sides, but in the center there is a large road with different ways to proceed. That is perhaps also necessary, because the situation is different in the individual Dioceses.“

When the need in the Dioceses is compared with that of the past year when the Bishops’ Conference arranged a survey, the demand has so far not considerably increased, said Lehmann.

”I would be surprised on thus, if it were any different. … We want what the Pope asked for, not to get round or minimize it, but we wish that it is followed. An important requirement is that he that only can and may celebrate the extraordinary form, the Mass of 1962, will without reservation recognize the new Mass, as the usual form. That was so far not always the case. There were people that said: no, in no case is a Concelebration with the Bishop with the new Mass possible. And that is impossible. “

However, Lehmann ruled out a rigorous system of the examination

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